For Jamie Hume the journey towards her latest career milestone has had more curvature than most players would experience.

The Robinhood Stars shooter will make her 50th ANZ Premiership appearance on Sunday against the Ascot Park Hotel Southern Steel - the team she ironically started her career with in 2017.

Hume played 10 games for the Steel, before moving north and playing 23 matches for the Northern Mystics between 2018 and 2019 and Sunday's game will be her 17th in a Stars dress since joining the franchise last season.

"It feels like it's taken a long time, but also it's come around really quickly as well. I've been in a few teams now, starting with the Steel which is funny, seeing we're playing them this weekend. i then came up to Auckland and am now here and really happy to be bringing in my 50th game with the Stars," Hume said

In amongst a career where Hume's had to work hard to earn her opportunities, she's learnt a number of valuable lessons which have helped her grow.

"There's been times where i've been starting week in and week out and and then sitting on the bench week in and week out. I've learnt to stay involved and full commit to whatever I'm doing. If i'm there it's about giving it 100 percent and not a half-arsed go, or else i shouldn't be there," Hume explains.

"I think my growth has seen me feel like i can have input into team discussions and input into game plans and what's going on, which has been really cool for me."

Hume hails from Clyde, a small town in Central Otago and feels it's fitting that she should achieve this milestone against the team she began her career with.

"There's a couple of players there who I'm still really close with and the coach is still the same, so it's definitely awesome. The Steel are part of my home region, so have a special place in my heart and i'm excited to play them."

ANZ Premiership Round 4: Robinhood Stars vs Ascot Park Hotel : Sunday, May 9th - 4:15pm - Pulman Arena, Auckland 

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